Sunday, September 2, 2012

The HJC Inaugural Show

The HJC Inaugural Show had many participants and many different classes, and I've been able to interview each of the riders who had placed first in a class.

Aqua Caelum | Horse - FEF Oathkeeper
1. Do you feel nervous before you go in the ring?

I get a bit nervous because the competition looks very tough, but I just keep in mind that no matter what color ribbon, I'll be happy because my horse and I did it together.

2. What does it feel like when you are waiting for the results to be in?

I always get anxious waiting for the results. I was checking everyday to see if they were posted. And when they came, I was shocked I placed that well!

Lotte Prickett | Horse - WD Royal Flush
1. Do you do anything special with your horse before a show?

Before a show, I usually give my horse a pretty good workout. He gets so excited on show day, he needs to be tired out a little before he can go into the ring. The warmup also helps me get a feel for his behavior that day. As much as I love him, he can be a brat. And theres really no place for his tricks during a show!

2. Where do you put all your ribbons?

All of my ribbons go in the tack room of the competition barn. At Willowdale, we're a team, so all of our ribbons are put together in a collection. It sort of helps unite us, because even though we won the ribbons ourselves, in the end they're won by the whole team, not just the rider.

Lidija Rotherford | Horse - AC RFE Truth Is Beauty
1. Who is your favorite horse to show, and why?

Our most successful show horse is definitely AC/RFE Truth Is Beauty, or just Belle, for short. Working with her is always very smooth. She is a fast and a willing learner and has excelled at all things we put in front of her. Many riders have described her as the sound of a violin. Graceful, soft gaits with easy directioning is every rider's dream.

2. Do you do anything special for your horse after you've won a show?

After we've won a show we give our horses a great big bath and they get a deserved day off! Our most valuable breeding and show horses are on specially designed diets so we cannot always give them apples or carrots, which is kind of sad, but it's for their own fitness.

Gem Bellow | Horse - MSE/SA Whereabouts Unknown
1. How do you get focused before a show?

Before a show I try to relax, so my horse and are aren't tense and over thinking/stressing the upcoming event. It helps prevent choppy movement and a hollow back.

2. What was the craziest thing that has ever happened while you were at a show?

The craziest thing was probably a competitors horse ended up getting anxious and broke away from their grip. The horse darted down the arena, through the open gate, down the rows of trucks and trailers, and actually returned to their trailer and waited for the owner to come back. The horse was retrieved and both rider and horse were fine.

Nathan Huffton | Horse - Eclipsed Sun
1. How did you get into riding?

I was born into a horse-loving family. My father trained graded sport horses for other stables, so I have been riding since I was old enough to walk. It just seemed natural to start a stable of my own when I grew up.

2. Does your horse behave differently at shows?

Eclipsed Sun has surprised all of us at Silver Maple with his win. He doesn't usually show much for pre-show jitters. Eclipsed Sun is usually pretty unflappable. Myself on the other hand can get one hell of an upset stomach.

Danielle Harper | PF Monet
1. How long have you been riding?

Well, I grew up around horses but I didn't start riding seriously until around five years ago, and I didn't get to show much until I got the working student position at Paragon Farm. It's been a great opportunity.

2. Would you rather have a really nice ribbon, or a really nice score? Why?

A blue is great, sure, but we go to big shows for a reason--and there's no point if it's not a challenge, is it? I'd rather get second with the best ride of my life than win every time and just be mediocre.

Melissa Masters | Horse - MT Royal Sterling
1. What does it feel like to win in your class?

The Inaugural Show pulled some amazing talents from the entire community and they all did great. Silver is relatively new to the Hunter Ring and we have been working really hard over the last year or so to get him ready and he did amazingly well, especially for his first hunter show. It was great to see all that hard work pay off in a spectacular fashion.

2. If you had to pick one thing you enjoyed about this showing experience, what would it be?

I really liked how the whole show was handled, but I think the easy to understand rules and the way the classes were done is probably my favorite thing. The large number of classes gave everyone a shot and picking what they are best at and focusing on that, instead of having to do on huge class.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

HJC Photography Contest

This June and July, the HJC hosted a photography contest for the members of the Equus-Sims' community. The results are in and the winners will get featured in this update!

Julia Stuart and her daughter Amber had come to a local show to support their friends at Grafenhof Stables. When one rider had been passing by the section in the stands where the two were sitting, he stopped. Amber was elated when the horse extended her head so that she could pet its soft muzzle. Moments like these are what horsemanship is about. We'd like to thank Merle, who was kind enough to allow us to use her photograph in this article. She is an aspiring show jumper at Grafenhof Stable.

Christina Hanson, another rider at the same show but in the advanced level, and her horse LEC Call Me Casanova took first in their class. I asked her some questions after she received her blue ribbon. 
1). How do you feel when you enter the show ring?

"I think I feel the same as most athletes when they're about to perform. Your heart starts racing, your palms get sweaty, and your mind can easily become clouded with angst. The important thing I try to remember is to breathe, stay calm, and find faith within myself and my partner."

2). Do you compete in shows for the fun, or for the win?

"I compete for both, definitely. As a breeder, I compete to earn my horses reputation and respect. As an equestrian, I compete to earn glory. As a horsewoman, I compete to do what I enjoy the most: being around horses!"

3). How does it feel to win your class?

"It is always a great feeling when you've come out on top of such fierce competitors. Everyone works so hard to have the best horses, riders, and stables, so to win your class really says something about you and your horse's partnership."

4). How do you treat your horse after winning at the show? (Any special treats or activities?)

"It depends on the event, really. For more tasking events, my performance horses are treated to a two-day therapeutic treatment that includes massages, hours spent grazing in the meadows of Twinbrook, high protein and performance feed, some quiet downtime, and of course, lots of lovin'!"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Tack Room

Hello all! I recently created a chat room for the ES community called The Tack Room. Check it out on the tabs above and join today! We would love to get to know you all better :)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Horse Coat Color Quick Reference Guide

by Ashley

Need to quickly look up the genetics for your horse? Look no further! These two lists contain the genes possible in horses and what colors have which genetics. Colors with and underscore next to a gene means that only one of the genes is needed to produce that color. For example a gray horse (G_) can be GG or Gg and still have the same coat.

Flaxen Mane - F & f
Eumelanin (Black) - E & e
Agouti (Bay) - A/At/+ & a
Cream - Cr & cr
Dun - D & d
Overo - No & NN & OO
Grey - G & g
Champagne - Ch & ch
Silver Dapple - Z & z
Pearl - Prl & prl
Sooty - STY & sty
Rabicano - Rb & rb
Roan - Rn & rn+
Sabino 1 - Sb1 & sb1+
White - W & w+
Tobiano - TO & to+
Splash - SPL & spl
Lp (Varnish) - Lp & lp
Pat1 (Leopard) - PATN1 & patn1
Patn2 (Blanket) - PATN2 & patn2

Gray Horse - G_
Black Horse - E_
Chestnut Horse - ee
Black Horse(Bay) - E_A_
Palomino Horse - eeCrcr
Cremello Horse - eeCrCr
Perlino Horse - E_A_CrCr
Buckskin Horse - E_A_Crcr
Smoky Cream - E_CrCr
Smoky Black Horse - E_Crcr
Grullo Horse - E_D_
Red Dun Horse - eeD
Classic Dun Horse - E_A_D_
Overo Horse - NO
Non-Marked Horse - NN
Lethal White Syndrome - OO

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Hunter/Jumper Club Grand Opening

Welcome everyone to the Hunter/Jumper Club! The Hunter/Jumper Club (HJC) was created as a supplement to the Equus-Sims online community and is a place for those who love these disciplines to gather. Members of the community who have horses that show in Hunters, Jumpers, or Equitation are welcome to join. You must be a member of the club in order to register your horses - look to the "Members" and "Registry" pages for more info on this. The HJC hosts events that are open to the entire community as well as those that are closed to members or registered horses only. Each month, the club does a "feature" of different stallions, show entries, and stables which are voted on by members of the HJC to showcase the best of the best in the H/J community. Some custom content is available for members of the club as well, so if you love Hunters or Jumpers or both, jump on over to the "Members" page and fill out a form already!

Two events are currently in the works and will be posted on the Equus-Sims forum soon. I am also working on a pose pack for members as well as a couple other goodies. If you would like to make custom content for the club as well, send me an email!